Paper size: B5 (JIS)
The articles will not exceed 10 pages in length.
Font Times New Roman; the articles will be written in Word and saved in “doc” (not in “docx”):
1. the title – size of characters 14, bold
2. the author’/authors’ name(s) – 12, to the right
3. “Bibliography”, the title of the abstract – 12, bold, doublespaced
4. the text – 11, single spaced
5. the number/title of chapters – 11, bold, double spaced
6. the bibliography, the abstracts – 10
7. footnotes – 9
8. the authors’ working place and the country are introduced by an asterisk as the first reference at the bottom of the first page

Footnotes will be written at the bottom of the page, single spaced, introduced by insert/footnote/autonumber. There is a fullstop at the end of the footnote. One space must be left between the number of the note and its content.


If the prose quote takes up to two lines in your article, incorporate it into your text using quotation marks and the page reference in parentheses, i.e.: “ …… ” (Kiossev 1999: 114).

If the quote takes more than two lines in your article, set it off as it follows:
In “ Page La yout” look for “ Paragraph”:
Alignment: Justified
Indentation: Left: 1 cm; Right: 0 cm
Special: First line
By: 1 cm
Spacing: Before: 6 pt; After: 6 pt
Line Spacing: Single

Do not use quotation marks for a set-off quote, but do indicate the page number in parentheses after the quote, i.e.: (Hawksworth 1984: 6).

Each article is accompanied by an abstract of 20 lines written in English (the title of the article must be also translated into English) and by key-words in English. The abstract is placed after the bibliography. The tables, diagrams, the scanned materials (maps, images) included in the text will be in Word. The Bibliography will be written according to the international standard: ex.


Arriens 1992: Astrid Arriens, Le Clezio als Erzahler moderner Mythennovellen, Diss. Christian Albrechts-Universitat Kiel.
Bartra 1994: Roger Bartra, Wild Men in the Looking Glass. The Mythic Origins of European Otherness, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press.
Brée 1990: Germaine Brée, Le monde fabuleux de Le Clézio, Amsterdam, Atlanta GA, Ed. Rodopi.

Doniger O’Flaherty 1988: Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty , Other People’s Myths. New York, Mac Millan.


Duerr 1985: H.P. Duerr, Dreamtime: Concerning the Boundary between Wilderness and Civilization, London, Basil Blackwell.


Eliade 1935/1998: Mircea Eliade, India. Biblioteca Mahajarahului (India, the Library of the Maharajah), Bucureşti, Humanitas.


Eliade 1955: Mircea Eliade, “Le mythe du Bon Sauvage”, in Nouvelle Revue Francaise, 32: 229–249.

Please find attached a layout template for articles. We ask authors to use this template in the pagination of their own articles, with strict respect of the document settings as well as the editorial rules.


Book reviews:
We use B5 JIS and Times New Roman. The reviews will not exceed 3 – 5 pages.
The title of the reviewed book must be translated into English whatever the language of the book is.
The title will be written with character size 12; the text will be written with 10.

Please find attached a layout template for review. We ask authors to use this template in the pagination of their own articles, with strict respect of the document settings as well as the editorial rules.

We do not publish two or more texts by the same author in a single issue.
We do not publish articles by the same author in consecutive issues.

Copyright and Licence

Please, fill in and sign the following copyright agreement.

It is forbidden the commercial usage of the article/reviews published in the journal.

The Archiving Policy

We use the archive of the journal for a long-term protection of the content of the collection of “Philologica Jassyensia”. This implies to preserve the issues of the journal both on the editor’s-in-chief computer and on external HDDs.